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No Cookie Cutter Wines
Wine tasting

In the world of wine today,
there are simply two categories:

1. Those that are like all others. Those that make no attempt to have uniqueness of any type. Purpose is to offend as few people as possible. We shall refer to these wines from now on as Cookie Cutter Wines.

2. Those wines made by real people, for real people, in real places. Wines with unique personalities, reflecting the regional terroir and the wine philosophy of the winery owners and the winemakers. Wines are not like their neighbors and often are referred to as "Food Wines", or from today on, No Cookie Cutter Wines.

The No Cookie Cutter Wine community is dedicated to those wine lovers and winemakers from around the world who, quite simply, "get it right." They are the people who seek new discoveries and appreciate regional distinctions in wines. And within this community are the winemakers who make the decisions and put their names on the bottles.

Wine lovers have come to know these men and women as boutique, artisan, small production, handcrafters of food-friendly wines.

Just as Johannes Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press enabled ideas and information to flow more freely, we want to do the same for enthusiasts who embrace the pleasures of wine, food and travel.

The use of TV in our domain names symbolizes a Web 2.0 Gutenberg change. That is, our ideas are freely shared via multiple sources. You’ll find images, text, video and sound, all contributed by individuals with unique stories

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